Business Series

Book I – Selling H.E.L.L. in Hell


“Coaching football taught me every skill needed to start a self-generated business from scratch
with your own money to survive. It’s impossible to recruit a team for a startup business. You have
to develop a team through training – structured instruction and simulated practice. REPS is the
true secret. Without that, no chance of winning in business or sports.”

– Gino Arcaro


About the book:


You may be starting out in business or just contemplating making the big decision. Gino Arcaro knows what you’re thinking and wants to make sure you know what you’re not thinking. His thought-bending tales, while entertaining and steeped in reality, will make the would-be business owner take a second and third look at the situation before jumping in. And, for those already “self-employed,” Arcaro offers a unique slant on dealing with day-to-day customer and employee challenges.


Selling H.E.L.L. in Hell

“The best part of starting your own business from scratch
is creating your own workplace.”

– from Selling H.E.L.L. in Hell

“The greatest benefit of starting your own business from scratch is self-control –
you control your life, your destiny, your work, your investment, your reward.”

– from Selling H.E.L.L. in Hell






Coming Soon!

Book II – Fed Up With Being F’d Up

Book III – The 4,000 Day War: Lifting the Unlifted

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