Professional Career 1


  • Former police officer: 15 years, 1975-90. 9 years uniform branch, including SWAT team. 6 years detective branch.
    • Graduate Ontario Police College:
      • Recruit course
      • Criminal Investigation Course
    • Graduate CFS Toronto
      • Homicide Investigation Course
  • Former college law enforcement professor/program coordinator: 20 years, 1990-2010.
  • Football coach: 40 seasons
  • Strength training/workout career: 44 consecutive years
  • Strength coach: 30 years
  • Business owner: 21 years:
    • Owner of X Fitness Welland Inc.
    • Jordan Publications Inc.
  • Extensively published author
  • Masters degree (M.Ed)
  • Bachelor of Science degree
  • Level 3 National Coaching Certificate Program

Published author:

In 1993 I wrote my first of 6 police studies textbooks (20 editions), as well as having over 200 articles published in a national policing magazine, several football coaching online magazines and websites.
In 2010, I left teaching to make the literary transition to motivational writer.
My first book, Soul of a Lifter was published in 2011. Since then, I’ve added several books including:

  • 4th and Hell, seasons 1-5: True “David vs Goliath” philosophical stories about my Canadian collegiate club football team playing in the United States.
  • Be Fit Don’t Quit: My latest children’s book is part of my “Happy Kids Books” series that I started writing, inspired by my three grandchildren.
  • Soul of an Entrepreneur: A 3-part business book series.
  • The Psychology of Fat Losing.
  • eXplode. My workout system developed over 40 years in the gym.
  • An 8-volume series dealing with police interrogation

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  • Pradip Mookerji

    Excellent & most interesting read !!
    Wish to interact more with you, Gino Arcaro !!
    Learning process for me …. for sure !
    Best wishes & regards,