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  • Article #3  [book id=’13′ /]  BE Bravo
  • Article #4  [book id=’14′ /]  The Stretch Play
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  • Article #6  [book id=’16′ /]  SWAT 2 LOCK
  • Article #7  [book id=’17′ /]  The 5-Receiver Sledgehammer Approach to Passing

Description:  Twenty years ago, I made the transition from ground & pound to pound into the ground by air. I scrapped the huddle completely. And I pushed the accelerator as far as possible. I transitioned from a slow-moving road-building machine to space-travelling. Warp-speed no-huddle for 100% of the snaps, regardless of down, distance, score, time, or opponent. Reason? Conditioning. High-speed extreme-passing no-huddle has been the only way for us to tilt an unbalanced playing field by speeding up our physical and mental metabolism while depressing the opponent’s physical and mental will.

High-speed playing needs high-speed training that starts with a mental makeover. 2x training. Two times the reps. It’s hard enough to get players to work at an ordinary pace. Getting them to double the practice reps takes a radical transformation of their existing conventional thinking. The physical and mental commitment to high-speed training starts by changing their mindset. The key is change the focus. Changing the focus changes the outcome. The starting point is the brainwashing myths.