Lifting is not a part-time hobby. Instead Gino Arcaro has spent more than 40 years lifting.

From weight-training to football players to at-risk youth to individuals contemplating life decisions including career change or weight loss or simply seeking motivation, Gino has continued to lift. Because of his personal mission to keep lifting, Gino Arcaro strives to reach his audience by more than simply putting his ideas and thoughts on his blog and on paper.

Arcaro created a reality speaking series inside his gym, X Fitness Welland Inc., on his YouTube Channel (XFitnessWelland) for those visual learners. He has also been featured on BlogTalkRadio interviews and in print-magazine articles.

Most recently Gino has become an ‘Expert Contributor’ on Coachbook (a Football coaches network). Gino posts 1-2 articles weekly on a variety of topics such as: general fitness/working out, strength & conditioning, football strategy and athlete development.