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Arcaro’s Interrogation Case Law Book

Volume 1 of an 8 Volume series

Interrogation in Canada

Interrogation, in Canadian policing, is challenging, complicated and controversial. How to get a true, admissible confession is probably one of the most difficult investigative skills to learn. The Canadian rules of evidence and Canadian case law that govern the admissibility of a confession are extensive, complex and can be overwhelming. Arcaro’s Case Law Interrogation is the solution. It includes best practices, strategies and practical applications that emerge from Canadian case law research.

What the book offers:

A true, admissible confession is valuable evidence. Developing interrogation skill doesn’t just happen. It takes practical experience and training. Arcaro’s Case Law Interrogation is a training and research source that will facilitate the development of interrogation expertise. 


Gino Arcaro’s writing career has taken a winding path, from best-selling academic textbooks to a unique kind of non-fiction he calls “friction.” His passion for writing started at a police station as a young officer writing reports – the heart and soul of policing. No second drafts, no time to write outlines. One chance. Unedited. And, a demanding audience. Years later, as a rookie college professor, he found a void – no Canadian college-level law enforcement textbooks. So Gino wrote his first policing textbook. Criminal Investigations became a bestseller, leading to 20 editions of the following 5 more textbooks.


Basic Police Powers: Arrest and Search Procedures, 4th Edition
Criminal Investigation: Forming Reasonable Grounds, 5th Edition
Highway Traffic Act Investigations
Impaired Driving Investigations, 4th Edition
Principles of Law Enforcement Report Writing, 3rd Edition


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