Happy Kid’s Books

“Nothing bad happens.” – Violet King

My 3 year old granddaughter Violet selects reading material based on that principle – “Nothing bad happens.” That’s the objective of our children’s book series. #nothingbadhappens

Be Fit Don’t Quit

Be Fit Don't Quit Cover   Be Fit Don't Quit back cover

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Gino’s Inspiration for his Happy Kid’s Book Series:

I’ve been a compulsive reader my whole life. As a child, the library was a sanctuary. At the age of 10, I read a book called Instant Replay, by Jerry Kramer. It changed my life and led me to one of my professional callings. Books continue to be a major influence in my life-long passion for fitness and working out. They have influenced every aspect of my adult life. Nothing just happens. What you focus on grows.

I am a father and a grandfather. I have three daughters, two granddaughters, and a grandson. When my daughters were growing up, I bought them books as gifts for every occasion because every book is truly a gift. I wanted them to enjoy the same life-altering reading  experiences that I had enjoyed.

I believe that children’s books should be happy and educational in order to bring out the limitless learning and vocabulary potential with which every child is blessed. But there was a problem. In 1979, I discovered the 90-10 Rule – I had to change 90% of the content in the children books I was reading to my daughters because I believed the story was either too depressing or too advanced.

In 2010, the 90-10 Rule surfaced again when I started reading to my granddaughter. By 2013, I needed a solution, so I began writing my “Happy Kids Books” series, based on real events and learning experiences that have made my children and grandchildren happy. My 3-year-old granddaughter, Violet, inspired the first few books by telling me a “happy story.”

Children have limitless capacity to learn and to love. We adults have to do our part – teach and learn with them and love them back. Sharing a child’s learning process, especially through reading, gives the greatest joy known to wo/mankind. Soak in every sacred moment!

Gino Arcaro

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