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Gino Arcaro’s journey from childhood obesity to natural health and strength was not made alone; he relied on the Soul of a Lifter. In telling this tale, Arcaro draws on life lessons learned from his careers as a football coach, police officer and college teacher to inspire and lead the reader in a soul-searching quest to reach his/her own potential. This is not your run-of-the-mill motivational book. Discover insights about what drives the soul… what happens when you listen and when you don’t!


There was no time to process the irony of the moment, no time for bitterness, no time for resentment, no time for shame, guilt, grudges. No time for condemnation, no time for looking back – for either of us. Good thing, because it was creepy. Exactly one year ago, the Niagara X-Men were 2 points away from killing their losing streak and beating the Buffalo State JV team. Now, they faced the challenge of holding on to the same 2 points, at the exact same spot on the field as last year, as the clock wound down on the silent scoreboard.

Gino Arcaro’s continuing David and Goliath series about his Canadian club football team playing in the United States mixes football realities with life lessons… all for the benefit of demonstrating that one should never underestimate the power of the underdog. This story has all the elements of a miracle comeback. Plenty of highs, lows, higher highs, lower lows, faith, hope, and love. Anyone can relate to the underdog, but you have to get open to see – open mind, open eyes, open heart. Let Arcaro entertain you with his unique brand of blunt humour as you sit on the edge of your seat cheering the underdog in his attempt to escape from 4th & Hell.


This is not a diet book. This 40-page eBook explains the most important truth about fighting fat: it begins at the top – literally. Without a proper mindset, no amount of dieting or counting calories will workout. Digesting Fat Losing is the first step to understanding how to change your habits and thinking for once and for all. It contains practical discussions that engage the reader in re-thinking the obstacles that stand in the way of becoming a healthier person. Gino Arcaro, a self-proclaimed “dysfunctional 12-year-old, trying to overcome my obesity,” is an expert on the subject. He’s written Fat Losing to share what he has learned and practiced for over 40 years.


“We were David with a Canadian passport, failing miserably at winning just one football game against stars-and-stripes-draped Goliaths.” It came down to fourth and hell – a face-to-face showdown. No disguises, no masks, no secret weapons. No one huddled on the sideline. No one huddled on the field. Both sides knew what to expect. No surprises, no guess-work, no mind games. Making the call was a formality. All that mattered was running the play to see what would pass. Someone would execute; someone would be executed.


Full of exercise ideas young children can try on their own or with a parent, this book will rekindle in any adult a love for the simple act of playing. Gino Arcaro has spent his life working out and teaching young adults about the importance of “being fit.” He wrote Be Fit Don’t Quit to express a tried-and-true message: Exercising is natural and fun. Never quit!


Gino Arcaro relates and upholds a simple fact: “Everyone has a conscience. No exceptions. If you’re alive, you have a conscience. The myth of ‘no conscience’ actually means ‘weak or dysfunctional’ conscience.” Therefore, a truth-seeker must appeal to the conscience, meaning, “make the conscience work out, make it work right, and make it do all the work.” True Confessions is a manual for anyone whose job it is to get the truth. For example, Human Resources personnel during the job interview process or Law Enforcement interviewers who can use Arcaro’s theories to open a window into the psyche of a suspect under interrogation.


Whether you’re starting out in business or contemplating making the big decision to “sink or swim,” Gino Arcaro knows what you’re thinking and wants to make sure you know what you’re not thinking! He uses all the good and bad of being an entrepreneur to open your eyes before it’s too late. Arcaro, a football coach with proven success in developing and implementing systems, applies his winning strategies to the game of “business.” He explains not only what it takes to start a business but also what strengths are required to stay in the game. For those already in the deep end, Arcaro offers a different slant on dealing with day-to-day problems. His thought-bending (and entertaining) tales, steeped in reality, open the entrepreneur’s eyes to creative and timely solutions. Selling H.E.L.L in Hell is Book 1 of 3 in Arcaro’s Soul of an Entrepreneur series. All 3 books are the result of lessons-learned in starting his own business, X Fitness Welland – a 24-hour gym. Let Arcaro’s inspirational books help you conduct a “reality check” of your situation, learn, grow and be lifted.


Sought after his entire adult life to help others achieve their workout goals, Arcaro put his weight lifting theories and routines into this manual. His “Case Studies,” true stories from his 40+ years of working out (completely natural) bring a sense of reality to the average gym-goer who just wants to get in shape, stay in shape, and most-importantly, not quit. No gimmicks, just discussion and formulas that can be tailored to any situation regardless of how long or how intensely one has been working out.


Making the defensive call has never been harder. Coordinators have the greatest challenges in football history. Spread no-huddle offenses, extreme passing, clock-changing rules. More to defend, less time to think. Arcaro’s SWAT Defense shows how to beat the spread by forcing the offense to go deep and crack under pressure. “A stress-filled workplace for quarterbacks and receivers leads to an explosion.” Central to Arcaro’s system is his decision-making model that teaches defensive coordinators and players to make the right calls – those split-second decisions that have to be made about 60 times per game. Making the right call is not easy. Like any skill, defensive decision-makers need guidelines and experience to develop into full potential. A unique feature of the SWAT Defense is its ties to Arcaro’s SWAT Offense.


By connecting partial concepts that can build any formation, any pass play and any running play to fit the situation, at the line of scrimmage, Arcaro has designed a system that eliminates the need for a conventional playbook that has to be memorized. Memorization is replaced by translation of a simple language. He designed the SWAT offense as a solution to a nightmarish reality of limitations – poor talent and poor resources, a one-man coaching staff, open-admission players, and on top of it all, out-matched opponents…willingly sought out! David constantly calling out Goliath. Arcaro’s SWAT offense is the most unique offensive system you’ll ever see because it has limitless offense capacity but no playbook. A unique feature of the SWAT Offense is its ties to SWAT Defense.

Beauty of a Dream

Inspired by the birth of his first grandchild, Arcaro wrote this colour picture-infused booklet to encourage the reader to dream, dream big and never stop dreaming. “No one can break into your dream and rob you of it, unless you let them.” His message, in this book as in all his works, is a challenge for the reader to strive to reach his/her potential and make an impact in this world. A perfect gift for someone in your life who needs to be “lifted” or reminded that dreaming is important!

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