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NEW! Episode #58: Excuse Me

The difference between first place & dead last is the size your excuses. Fitness model, actress, executive movie producer, fitness coach, talent agent, Harvard degree…not enough room for her full bio. Erin J. Morgart is today’s guest on Blunt Talk Podcast from Los Angeles, California. Her professional journey is guaranteed to lift you & inspire you to not quit when your mind fights against you. Blessings & all good things. #peace

Episode #54: Enough: Dual Meaning

Apathy will kill team and individual performance. Resolutions and goals are nothing more than good intentions. They need more to get the job done, to accomplish what you set out to achieve. High-performers know the secret of fighting apathy – the dual-meaning concept of ‘enough.’ Today’s guest is Amy Ashmore PhD, fitness psychologist and author from Las Vegas, Nevada, who shares insights about her inspiring professional journey. Amy’s insights will lift you & inspire you to work out when your mind works against you. Blessings & all good things. #Peace

Episode #53: Grow Up or Grow Old

The cause and effect of apathy run deep. It starts at the top with the type of mindset which is connected to the direction of your growth – you grow up or you grow old. The direction of your growth affects any age and affects every relationship – professional, private, and with self. What happens to your God-given gifts and talents is directly proportionate to the direction of your growth. You waste potential or actualize potential. It depends on whether you fight or accept apathy. Today’s guest is Coach Christian Vitale from Tucson, Arizona, who shares powerful insights about his fight with adversity. Blessings & all good things.

Episode #49: Missing Person

Leadership is more than a title on pretty business cards, more than the shiny new plate on the corner office door, more than the spotlight, and more that being called “Boss.” Leading any team requires heavy lifting. There’s a fight that has to be waged against the biggest enemy that, if left unchecked, will destroy any team in any field. This episode explains that fight. It’s the start of a movement that Blunt Talk Podcast is committed to advancing forward. Blessings and all good things.

NEW! Episode #50: Exchange Rate

That which is a joyous expression of the soul lifts others’ souls. Those who led us to where we are and shaped us into what we are, set a high bar. They took more than we ever will have to take and gave more than we have given. The bar is set for us to do the same – take more for those who follow us and give more to those who follow us. Today’s guests are Paul and Tina Turner from Welland, Ontario, who explain a joyous expression of their soul that will lift your soul. Blessings & all good things.

Episode #48: Settle Down

Triple meaning. The first two meanings of ‘settle down’ are positive. The third is a negative that, left unchecked, leads to deep-rooted apathy, wasted potential, and the pain of underachievement. Today’s guest is Gina Howe, fitness trainer from Ohio, who shares her journey and insights to help #FightApathy. Blessings & all good things.

 Episode #47: Sacred Moments

Moments are not created equal. There are memorable moments and moments forgotten that dissolve into the mainstream. There are several elements that make up a Sacred Moment but there is one main element above all else. We control what becomes a Sacred Moment and how many we make. Adding them up counts on the scoreboard of real-life and to #FightApathy. Our guest is Ken Taylor, ex-NFL player who played cornerback for the 1985 Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XX champions. Ken is a speed coach and author of a new book about speed training. Blessings & all good things.

Episode #46: The Back Row

The obsession to be boss of anything obscures the true purpose of leadership. Leadership, strong and weak, affects every element of your professional life. The easy way out is to hide behind the title of boss and run from true leadership responsibilities. But true leaders don’t take the easy way out. This episode continues to #FightApathy. Blessings and all good things.

NEW! Episode #45: Fight for Life

Apathy is a team-killer. Apathy kills a team’s potential and any chance of success by any definition of success that you choose. Apathy is an organizational disease that, left unchecked, will drop your team into the basement. The biggest leadership challenge is eliminating apathy in your team. Today’s guest is author and health coach, Heather Eden from Austin, Texas, who shares her inspiring journey.  #FightApathy. Blessings and all good things.

 Episode #44: The Power of the Mind

What’s inside the mind manifests outside. The human mind is miraculous, capable of accomplishing the extraordinary. But it’s also capable of getting in your way. Today’s guest on Blunt Talk is psychotherapist/author/speaker Roxanne Ramoutar-Derhodge. Roxanne shares her inspiring journey. Guaranteed to lift. No depressing news is good news. Blessings and all good things.

Episode #43: What’s the difference?

The difference between winning and losing is the difference that is made. You have step outside the box to make a difference. And to step outside the box, you have to think outside the box. Fearing difference keeps you inside the box. This episode focuses on how exactly to make a difference. Blessings and all good things. #peace

Episode #42: Mind Reading

The mind doesn’t grow on its own by magic. Mind growth doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Mind growth doesn’t happen randomly, automatically, or overnight. Mind growth needs a #process. The mind grows stale if you don’t work it out. What you put in your mind is what you put out. Today’s guests are Dr. Rob and Janelle Alex, authors of over 100 books. #peace

Episode #41: Sacred Memories

The difference between what you remember and what you forget is the extent of the impact, good or bad. You remember the experiences that stick out and throw out what doesn’t. What you hold sacred is carried forever. What you don’t hold sacred is dropped. #peace

Episode #40: Career Change

The decision to stay or leave a career is a life-altering decision, one way or the other. You will never be the same, regardless of what you decide. Careers don’t fully define you but you fully define your career. A time always comes when you reach a crossroads – stay or leave. The decision affects your relationships between mind, body, and soul and with the rest of the world. Blessings and all good things.

Episode #39: Throw It Away

The human mind is capable of storing limitless data. Much of it is stored below the surface and reveals itself when we least expect it. We are all blessed with limitless potential but full potential doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Nothing happens randomly, accidentally, or overnight. The difference between developing potential and wasting potential is what surfaces when its game-time. Today’s guest is Niagara Falls (Canada) mayor Jim Diodati. He shares his unique insights that shaped his career. Powerful message guaranteed to lift. #peace

Episode #38: Go For It

The fear of being different holds back potential. The fear of thinking outside the box keeps your potential locked in a small box. The fear of unconventional thinking keeps your true self unconventionally hidden and eventually sent to the trash. The most important exercise for mind, body, and soul fitness is the exercise of free will. You have the free will to go for it or kick is away. The choice depends on how deep conformity infects you. #peace

Episode #37: Loss Prevention (dual meaning).

The difference between winning big and losing big is preventing loss of tangibles and intangibles. Loss of self-confidence is one loss that has to be prevented to win big. There are three elements of lost confidence that block winning big. Today’s guest is Dr. Jody Dibartolomeo, an X-player who shares insights about winning and losing from his extensive background in politics, academics, and fitness.

Episode #36: The psychology of losing

Losing is a paradox. It has a bad side and a good side. The bad side to losing goes beyond the obvious, becoming manifested as a social disease that diminishes performance, starting from the top and working down. Today’s guest, Dr. Dave White from Los Angeles, NCAA basketball referee and “success coach,” shares insights into overcoming the bad side of losing to achieve success – by whatever definition of success you choose. #Peace

Episode #35: F-Bombs

A challenge is a double-edge sword. It can scare you or attract you. It can make you or break you. How a challenge affects you depends on the type of F-bomb dropped. Today’s guest is Peter Cicalo, ultra-marathon runner who shares his inspiring athletic journey, explaining how he faces a challenge. #peace

Episode #34: The Business of Fitness

Fitness is everybody’s business and fitness is a commercial business. If you don’t take care of your business, your business won’t take care of you. Today’s guest is Stephen Longwell, general manager of Fitness Business Magazine, who discusses the challenges of taking care of the business of fitness. #peace

Episode #33: The Process – Champion

Winning a championship title in sports or any profession doesn’t just happen. Nothing just happens. Not accidentally, randomly, or overnight. Becoming the best at anything has a cost – #TheProcess. Today’s guest is Dave Dayboll, 1998 Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. Dave is an X Player who was coached at the original X Fitness for 8 years, building extreme strength & stamina before he took up Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 26. Dave was an extreme underdog. He became world champion despite extreme obstacles and adversity. His journey through #TheProcess is guaranteed to lift. #peace

Episode #32: The Process – Fat Fighter

Fighting fat is never easy but the fight gets tougher the older you get. Who wins the fight between you and fat determines how old you feel, regardless of what it says on your birth certificate. The fight with fat is a complex #process but is starts with how you take it – you have to take it personally. Fat fighter has a dual meaning. Both will be explained in this show. Today’s guest is Dr. Darryl Garner who shares his current workout journey to surpass the shape he was in as a competitive athlete.

Episode #31: The Process – The Limits of Limits

The difference between winning and losing is limits – the ones you break and the limits that break you. You either break limits or limits break you to pieces. It’s one or the other. Limits are self-imposed obstacles that are allowed to win mind games. The good news is that anyone can break the limits that hold them back. The bad news is that it takes #TheProcess that not everyone is willining to go through. #peace


#TheOpponent. It’s impossible to go through life without an opponent. Someone will always compete for the same thing(s) you want. The result of any competition depends on how you perceive #TheOpponent. Today’s special edition of Blunt Talk #Podcast features opponents – Darryl Leason, Jordan Heather, and Tommy Denison, three of the best CIS university QBs in history who will be leading the Calgary Gators and the GTA All-stars in the Canada Major Football League (CMFL) Nat’l Championship game this Saturday, Sept. 26, at Tim Horton’s Field, Hamilton, Ontario. Kickoff is 6:00 p.m. #peace

Episode #30: The Process – Serve & Protect

The difference between a fulfilled life and empty life is what you serve and protect. Your either serve only yourself and only protect your own assets or you serve and protect others. The greatest reward is not material possession. The greatest reward is serving and protecting others. Today’s guest is Annel Carballo, an X Player who shares his 10-year career in the military, explaining ‪#‎TheProcess‬ he endured including his athletic career to build mind, body, and soul to help him survive his military duties and assignments. ‪#‎peace‬

Episode #29: The Process – Insecurities

#TheProcess includes countless variables that make you or break you. Insecurity is one of the top ten obstacles that can block our potential. Worse, it manifests in the C-word, a concept that was introduced in previous podcasts and will continue in this episode. Insecurity has a dual meaning if you insert a space between “in” and “security.” Public safety has always been challenging but the challenges in the 21st century were not contemplated even in the recent past. Today’s guest is Kevin Ling, another X Player who has undergone #TheProcess in athletics, fitness, the private security industry, and entrepreneurship. Kevin shares insights and practical lessons learned from his unique, wide-ranging career. #Peace

Episode #28: The Process – Highs & Lows.

The difference between winning and losing, between success and failure, is how you handle the highs and lows of #TheProcess. The ethos of #TheProcess is the highs you lift to and the lows you crash to. You won’t escape experiencing them but you have to escape the side-effects of bot the high and lows that, unless you take measures, will flatten you and keep you flattened. Today’s guest is Tim Soules, another X Player who shares the highs & lows of his #Process to help others reach their full potential despite adversities and obstacles. #peace

Episode #27: The Process – Reality Hits.

High achievement is not reserved for the rich and famous. High-performers are not born, they’re made. We are all born with God-given gifts and talents that form our potential. No exceptions. But potential doesn’t just actualize by accident, randomly, or overnight. Potential is actualized through #TheProcess. No one attains full potential developed for free. Even the super-gifted and super-talented have to develop potential through #TheProcess. The good news is that #TheProcess is available to everyone. The bad news is that not everyone is willing to go through it because the main element of #TheProcess is reality, and reality hits hard. Highs, lows, lows, highs. How you respond determines what you become and and how high you reach. The next three episodes feature three X Players – Tim Soules, Annel Carballo, and Kevin Ling – who will share their stories of how they went through #TheProcess and how they responded when reality hit. #peace  

*SPECIAL EDITION* Wrap Up. Triple Meaning.

The scoreboard is a two-number summary of a game. It doesn’t tell the whole story. This special edition of Blunt Talk Podcast features Tom Denison who will wrap-up the Northern Football Championship game and preview the National Championship game. #peace

Episode #26: Fit In. Dual Meaning.

These two words have been the dominant theme of my life. The struggle to fit in has been a lifelong #TheProcess. It’s a daily fight that requires strength and stamina in mind, body, and soul to go from misfit to fitting in. Today’s guests are relationship experts Dr. Janelle Alex and Dr. Rob Alex, authors of over 100 books. They share their insights and lessons learned during their academic journey, career highs and lows, and business development. #Peace.

Episode #25: The Process – Culture Shock

When paths are crossed, an impact is always made, good or bad, to a small degree or a large degree. #TheProcess guarantees that you will experience some degree of culture shock. The difference between winning and losing, between success and failure is the effect that culture shock has on you and your response to it. Today’s guest is Carlton Linton, another X Player who shares the extreme culture shock he experienced during his athletic #process and professional #process. #peace


The elusive ‘big game’ is pursued in every field. Reaching the ‘big game’ in whatever you do takes a #process that usually looks like and feels like hell. You have to go through hell to get to any ‘big game’ and then some more hell to win it. Thank you to Tommy Denison of the G.T.A. All-stars football team and T.J. Williams of the Ottawa Invaders football team for being interviewed on Blunt Talk Podcast to preview the Northern Football Conference championship game this Saturday. #peace

Episode #24: The Process – Soul of a Lifter

The greatest reward is lifting souls. No material possession will ever provide a greater reward. The soul of a lifter strives to build strength in mind, body & soul. Lifting souls, lifting weights, and lifting higher are all connected, forming integral elements of #TheProcess. Today’s guest is another X Player and business owner, Jamie Grabell, who explains #The Process that helped him beat enormous odds to become one of the first Canadian linebackers to get to a USA college in the 80s. Jamie was another #‎Groundbreaker literally and figuratively who worked out in #‎TheBasement in the 80s. #TheProcess was the difference between something and nothing, that no student-athlete would go through today, day-in, day-out, for years. It had to be experienced to be believed. Jamie also explains how he became a successful entrepreneur and business owner when no one believed in his ideas. #TheProcess is a 3-month series on Blunt Talk #Podcast with X Players who explain the true meaning of old-school training and practice. We’re going to bring it back. #‎peace

Episode #23: The Process – Making It

Parents dream of their children making it to the pros. Student-athletes dream about playing in the pros. But there is a Process that can’t be circumvented. Today’s guest is another X Player, Jeff Benoit. Jeff explains The Process he endured to become one of the first Canadian running backs, in the 80s, to get a scholarship to an American university. #Groundbreaker literally and figuratively. Working out in the #basement – old school – in the 80’s had to be experienced to be believed. It was the difference between something and nothing. It was part of The Process that none of today’s student-athletes would go through – day-in, day-out, for years. The #Process is an ongoing series on Blunt Talk #Podcast with X Players who explain the true meaning of training and practice. We’re going to bring it back.  #peace

Episode #22: The Process – Raise The Bar

Leadership challenges are not created equal. Leading businesses, organizations, and governments is tough but it’s not the toughest leadership job. Today’s episode discusses the toughest leadership job of all – parenting, coaching, teaching, mentoring, developing young people to reach their full potential. This episode introduces the next three guests who were #groundbreakers, high-performing student-athletes who started from scratch and become #groundbreakers who paved the way for others to the next level. They did it by raising the bar – triple meaning. High-performance doesn’t just happen. Neither does #groundbreaking. It takes raising the bar. #Peace

Episode #21: The Process – Difference

The fear of being different is the difference between making a difference and making no difference. We all share a common calling – to make a difference, to use our potential to make a difference in lives in order to change the world for the better. Those who made a difference in our lives chose to be different. They overcame their fear of being different to lead the way. Today’s guest is X Player Tom Denison, one of our ex-quarterbacks who became a record-breaking high-performer. His back-to-back Hec Crighton awards, symbolic of the best Canadian university football player, led Tom to a being signed as a pro in the CFL. Tom endured The Process in a way that has to be heard to be believed. #Peace

Episode #20: The Process – IQ

Today’s guest is Doug Pawson, ex-Niagara X-men Quarterback. Doug explains his academic journey, one that is on course to adding a fifth degree in the very near future. Five degrees is unheard of! It takes special persistence to earn five degrees but it can be done. The need for intellectual fitness is the same as the need for physical fitness. Both, when strived for, will change your life, and raise your IQ. Intelligence quotient, has a different meaning for today’s show. It represents the motivating force behind host Gino Arcaro’s life-long learning and fitness commitment. If you want to motivate you children to excel in school, listen to Doug Pawson’s academic journey. #peace

Episode #19: The Process – The Big Hit

The elusive big hit is a personal and professional goal in everyone’s life. The desire to be a big hit, produce a big hit, create a big hit is one of the differences between making a difference and making no difference. Guest Leon Robinson discusses #TheProcess he goes through to produce music and art. #TheProcess is not limited to a chosen few but few choose it. #TheProces s is available to anyone who choses it and commits to it. #Peace

Episode #18: The Process

“The Process” is the natural struggle that all achievement must pass through. No achievement just happens. Achievement doesn’t happen overnight, accidentally, or randomly. Achievement is dependent on high performance, a level of performance that many strive for but not all reach. This episode starts a series of interviews with X Players – dual meaning – ex-student athletes I’ve coached, who went through the X Fitness/X-Men Football Process. Football was a part of The Process in each of these X Players’ lives, but only a part. The lessons they learned are transferable to any field – sports, business, academics, career, and personal life. We didn’t invite those who have gone on to achieve money and fame as it’s traditionally defined. We invited Grassroots Successes to tell their story. Listen as they explain their personal journey through The Process as well as subsequent achievements on and off the field. #peace

Episode #17: Stuck Together – Self-Sabotage Part 4

Why we attack ourselves and how we do it is a #Process within a #Process. Every challenge has degrees of difficulty that we make more difficult with self-destructive habits. Today’s episode continues the discussion of the fight against self-sabotage. #peace

Episode #16: Stop Sign – Self-Sabotage Part 3

There are many ways to commit self-sabotage. Each way has its own distinct ethos, a characteristic that makes it unique. But ironically, they all accomplish the same goal: get in the way of progress and move us away from what we’re supposed to achieve and who we are supposed to become. It’s easy to dismiss self-sabotage as fate or destiny. The hard part is acknowledging that you have control over it, starting with accepting responsibility to self and to the teams of people you live with, work with, and who depend on you. #peace

Episode #15: Fit For Duty – Self-Sabotage Part 2

Every career, business, and sport carries an obligation to be “fit for duty.” You owe it to yourself and your team; it’s your responsibility. Being fit for duty ties in with the self-sabotage series because it involves being fit in body, mind, and soul. Your organization depends on being fit for duty. Without it, accountability ceases to exist. Being unfit for duty constitutes the highest level of neglect. Today’s guest is Peter Cicalo, ex-police officer, entrepreneur, and marathon runner who is training for his first ultra-marathon. Peter shares insights about how he changed his life and how he started in his running career after a life-threatening illness. #peace

Episode #14: Self-Sabotage Part 1

The source of failure in any field comes from within. We are our own worst enemy. Self-sabotage is self-defeating behaviour. You can’t win at anything personally or professionally until you overcome self-defeat. The competition you face every day in business or on the athletic field is nothing compared to the opponent inside you. No one is exempt. Defeating self-sabotage takes a fight. In this, the first episode in the self-sabotage series, the starting point in winning the fight from within is explained. #Peace

Episode #13: In The Running

You either stay in the running or you drop out. “In the running” has a dual meaning. First, it means that you have to keep chasing what you are competing for. Staying in the running is the key to competing for a job, a promotion, business success, or reaching the next level athletically. Secondly, staying in the running helps you lose fat and prevent obesity, propelling you to get into top shape and stay there. Fighting to stay in the running takes next-level self-discipline. Otherwise, it’s too easy to give up when adversity strikes. Today’s guest, expert runner Janice Arcaro, introduces basic strategies to help you stay in the running while touching on another important topic for student-athletes and their parents: the opportunities to be “discovered.” All of this ties into the central theme of Blunt Talk: realize your full potential instead of wasting it. #Peace

Episode #12: Hire and Higher. And vice-versa.

Dream careers don’t just happen. Success or failure in the pursuit of your chosen profession is not often a smooth journey. Whether it’s a dream job or starting your own business from scratch, reaching higher is a painful ride that tests every fiber of mind, body, and soul. The good news is that there are time-proven strategies that help you fight for your dream job or dream business. Today’s guest is Bill Vasko, coach and entrepreneur. Bill explains his story and the strategies he uses to get hired and higher. #Peace

Episode #11: G Word

The fight to get in top shape and to stay in top shape is not created equal. Reaching top shape is never easy but some people face more challenges than others. What you do is important but what you don’t do is more important. How you fight to get in top shape and keep it determines whether you win the battle or lose it. Once you lose the fight, it gets easier to lose it again. And vice-versa. Today’s guest is Dr. Darryl Garner. Dr. Garner discusses strategies that will help you win the fight to get in shape and stay in shape. #Peace

Episode #10: Give Up More

One of the differences between winning and losing is working through the temptation to give up when it counts the most, in the fourth quarter, right before the finish line, when fatigue sets in. Fourth-quarter fatigue in any field, any career, any challenge, is the biggest threat, not the opponent, not the competition. The solution to fourth-quarter fatigue is giving up more during training. And more and more. S/he who gives up more, gives up less. Today’s guests are from the movie industry. Movie producer Dr. Lana Marconi shares the mic with Academy Award winner Colin Chilvers who won an Oscar for his special effects work on the movie Superman. His works also include X-men movies and Michael Jackson videos. #Peace.

Episode #9: Election

Competition will make you or break you. The fear of competition is one of the top five fears that break you by holding back full potential. You can run scared from competition your whole life or you can compete hard. Either way, real-life is a “selection” competition. Selected for jobs, selected for teams, selected for promotion, selected by customers, or elected by voters. Elected and selected are separated by only one letter. Professionally or personally, you have to compete for what you want and to keep what you have. Otherwise, real-life will eat you alive. How you compete to be elected and selected determines whether your dreams come alive or die. Today’s guest is City of Welland Mayor Frank Campion. Mayor Campion discusses his story about how he was elected. #peace

Episode #8: Give Up

All great accomplishments share one commonality – no one gave up. Not the individual, not the team. Not giving up isn’t easy; there’s nothing more difficult. If it were easy to not give up, every goal would be reached, every dream would be fulfilled. No one’s potential would be wasted. Not giving up starts at the top, with mindset: mental strength training. Building willpower. The mind gives up first. The body follows. The second half of this show features special guest, Janice Arcaro, who discusses her running accomplishments during her pioneering track & field career in high school as she disproved the misconceptions that female runners, at that time, faced. In this interview Janice explains how she built the mental strength to become a champion runner. #peace

Episode #7: Show Up

Making “it” happen doesn’t just happen. Making “it” happen depends on “showing up,” a multi-dimensional concept that can change lives, save lives, or break them. “Showing up” sounds easy but neither the simple definition nor the deeper instructions of how to do it, is. “Showing up” is a product of the toughest exercise of all: Free will. The concept of showing up applies to every profession, every sport, every part of one’s personal or professional life. Guest Leeann Arcaro-King joins the second half of this episode to discuss just one, very important element of “showing up.” #peace

Episode #6: Crossing Paths

When two people cross paths, an impact is made. Good or bad, positive or negative, something always changes to some degree, even if it’s negligible. In some cases, the impact is profound. Life-altering. What occurs when paths are crossed depends on what our minds and hearts are open to or closed to. It’s all connected to “discernment of calling,” to the all-important task of figuring out, “What do I want to be when I grow up and after I grow up?” Today’s guest is Dr. Darryl Garner, DC, owner of Bridgepoint Chiropractor, Fort Erie, Ontario. He explains how paths he crossed led to his career and business choices. #peace

Episode #5: The Call

Every job, career, profession is a “calling,” a vocation that requires us to embark on and then carry out a mission. “Discernment of calling” isn’t always easy. There are signs that have to be read along the way. Never-ending questions to be answered starting with: “What do I want to be when I grow up and after I grow up?” Guest Charles Coiner, discusses his calling as it relates to his NFL coaching career and current business endeavors (owner of FirstDown App). Additionally, he gives advice to parents and student-athletes about the reality of reaching the next level. #peace

Episode #4: Unbelievable

What we believe and don’t believe determines how far we progress or regress in fitness, careers, sports, and every aspect of real-life. It’s not easy to find the truth; separate fiction and non-fiction. Distance myths from reality. Some things are believable, some are unbelievable. The central focus is credibility. Shifting through the daily, hourly, minute-by-minute bombardment of information takes time and effort to find what works out for you. What is believable and unbelievable determines the shape you’re in. #peace

Episode #3: Nothing Just Happens

There are no coincidences, just connections. Paths are crossed for a reason. We can choose to ignore the reason or wake up to the purpose of our path-crossings. What we invest in others is an investment into self. Guest Leon Robinson, artist and ex-football player, explains his story, sharing blunt-talk insights about he achieves his professional goals, lives what he has “pledged.” #peace

Episode #2: The Focus

There’s a price that has to be paid to reach high performance, to reach the level you’re striving to reach, to develop what you’ve set out to develop, to build what you’ve “pledged” to build. The price is paying attention. Full immersion into the work that needs to be done. Broken focus, broken dreams. Focusing attention through full immersion in the job that needs to be done is the difference between first place and last place. #peace

Episode #1: The Pledge

Performance goals are imperative to reach minimum performance standards but there’s a force greater than goal setting – The Pledge. What you commit to and how you commit to it is the difference between winning and losing, success and failure, ordinary and extraordinary – by whatever definition you choose. The Pledge is the difference between quitting and not quitting. #peace

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